Klaipeda Castle‘s Site Conference center is located in the heart of the town under the reconstructed eastern rampart and is a part of Klaipeda Castle Museum. The Conference center opens to the spacious square framed with the contours and authentic remaining sections of the Castle. On the other side you can admire the picturesque marina and the view to the old town. Fully equiped with computer control  service systems and multimedia the Conference center combines spirit of heritage and modernization.

Conference centre consists of the reception hall and conference hall.


  • Reception hall has  reception area, seating area, cloakroom for 300 attendees, WC facilities, exit to the marina and Castle museum.
  • Size of the reception hall: 7,2 m width, 19 m lenght, 6,5 m hight at the highest point (arch);
  • Size of the conference hall: 16,5 m width, 20 m lenght, 6,5 m hight at the highest point (arch);

Conference hall is equiped with:

  • Main lights are dimmerable and there are additional side lights. Four rooflights for natural daylight.
  • 10  conference tables(160x80cm);
  • 300 banquet chairs;
  • 10 round 180cm banquet tables;
  • Computer control ventilation, heating, emergency evacuation/fire system;
  • Portable stage of 24 sqm (1×2 m segment) with hight of 30 cm, or adjustable 60-100 cm;

Sound system is comprised of:

  • FOH Martin audio micro-line array modules with subwoofers delivering 122dB continuous SPL;
  • 2 Behringer wired microphones;
  • 3 Mipro ACT-7H wireless microphones;
  • 1 Mipro MU-53HN Uni-Directional Cardioid Headworn Microphone with Mipro ACT-7T Bodypack Transmitter;
  • 1 Mipro ACT-747 Quad-Channel True Diversity mic receiver;
  • 3 mic stands, 1 desk mic stand;
  • Lectern with gooseneck microphone and laptop with remote control (possible to connect presenter’s laptop with HDMI, RGB, Display port, 3,5 mm audio);

Fully compliant to international standards DIS (Shure) Interpreter system consisting of:

  • 200 DR 6004 Digital wireless infrared receivers with headphones for attendees. Up to 4 channels can be received in superb audio quality;
  • Three sound isolated interpreter’s rooms with LCD screen and two IS 6132 P fully digital 32-Channel Interpreter Units (with mic and headphones) in each of them;
  • CU 6105 Central Unit which sends audio from the interpreters and transmits it to DT 6008 Digital Transmitter;
  • Two RA 6013 digital radiators transmiting in superb audio quality and enabling delegates to listen to the interpreted languages in any corner of the hall.

Multimedia system:

  • Two Nec PA522u professional FullHD projectors which are working simultaneously outputing brightness of 10400 Lumen on motorized Adeo 228“ screen;
  • Two 58″ NEC E585 LCD FullHD screens on the sidewalls;
  • 3 HD cameras with tilt/pan/zoom covering every side of the hall;
  • BlueRay Dvd player;
  • Crestron matrix multimedia full control processor with Ipad;
  • Operator’s PC with 2 LCD monitors for recording video/sound, video/sound playback and control of the Crestron system.


Please, contact  us!

Events Coordinator (rent of Klaipeda Castle‘s Site Conference center )
Ph. +370 698 16053/ (8-46) 246 271
E-mail ieva@jurossvente.lt

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